What is Enamelin?

The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

ENAMELIN is a dental remineralizer that remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and eliminates dental hypersensitivity completely in patients with Sensitive Teeth, Dental Fluorosis and Amelogenesis Imperfecta. After 10 years of studies and investigations, ENAMELIN has proven to be a product of the highest quality that satisfies the needs of the patients as it complies with all quality norms.

ENAMELIN was created in 2008 and is the leader in products for teeth with defective dentine or defective enamel.

ENAMELIN offers the best solution for dental sensitivity and solves this problem on a global scale.

ENAMELIN is recognized around the world for its success, image, quality and easy public accessibility.

ENAMELIN is a company that cares about maintaining the highest standards in its manufacturing facilities. This company complies with all national and international regulatory norms.

ENAMELIN is determined to offer a product that fulfills the public’s expectations and that affords the consumer a better quality of life.

ENAMELIN has many distributors and representatives and is provided on a global scale so that the general public can have easy access. Dental specialists approve, recommend and use ENAMELIN with their most difficult patients, offering them the real and effective solution for Sensitive Teeth, Dental Fluorosis and Amelogenesis Imperfecta.

ENAMELIN is the brand of choice for patients who suffer from defective enamel or defective dentine. The growth and development of this brand over the years have given dentists absolute confidence to insist that their most difficult patients should use ENAMELIN.

In some treatments such as deep cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing), whitening among others, dentists have confidence that ENAMELIN is not going to let them down. Dentists know that ENAMELIN remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity in patients who suffer from Sensitive Teeth, Dental Fluorosis and Amelogenesis Imperfecta.

ENAMELIN takes pride in the prestige of patient results and in the complements given by the dentists. ENAMELIN is extremely proud to help patients have a better quality of life.