Sensitive Teeth

The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

Why should you buy ENAMELIN?

You should buy ENAMELIN because ENAMELIN remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity. ENAMELIN is The best solution for sensitive teeth

”If you have defects in your enamel or defects in your dentine, why should you buy ENAMELIN? If you suffer from dental pain provoked by thermal changes (beverages cold/hot), why should you buy ENAMELIN?

If you have Dental Fluorosis, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

There is often coexistence between dental hypersensitivity and Dental Fluorosis but dental hypersensitivity is not the most significant problem associated with Dental Fluorosis. The gravest problem is that the enamel is very brittle and breaks apart in small bits and pieces because the saliva of people with Dental Fluorosis lacks the capacity to remineralize the teeth as it should be able to.

If you have Enamel Hypoplasia, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

In Enamel Hypoplasia, the enamel is very thin and lacks sufficient volume. The formation of the root of the enamel is defective resulting defective enamel matrix formation. Thus, the teeth have less enamel. Dental hypersensitivity is a component of most cases of Enamel hypoplasia.

If you are going through a Teeth Whitening Treatment, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

The main complaint reported about Teeth Whitening Treatments is profound dental hypersensitivity. Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide are the two main ingredients in teeth whitening products that penetrate the enamel and cause sensitive teeth to result.

If you have Gingival Recession, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Displacement of the gingival margin apically to the cemento-enamel junction (Gingival recession) is the most common cause of dental hypersensitivity.  Gum disease (Periodontal disease) is the most common cause of Gingival Recession.  Traumatic brushing and Bruxism are among other causes of Gingival Recession. 

If you have Amelogenesis Imperfecta, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Amelogemesis Imperfecta has a genetic predisposition. The most frequently known causes of Amelogenesis Imperfecta are mutations in the ENAM gene. Amelogenesis Impefecta is most commonly inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. This inheritance pattern type means that an individual only needs to inherit one copy of the mutated gene to result in having the disorder. The individual presents with extremely malformed enamel. Amelogenesis Imperfecta results from malfunction of enamel proteins (Ameloblastin, Enamelin, Tuftelin and Amelogenin). The majority of people with this disorder present with dental hypersensitivity and Enamel Hypoplasia.

If you have Xerostomia, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Xerostomia is dryness of the oral cavity due to malfunction of the salivary glands. The principle effects of decreased salivary flow are increased dental cavity lesion formation and dental hypersensitivity. The oral cavity is painfully sensitive and irritates. There is much difficulty with mastication, difficulty with deglutition, altered taste sensation (Dysgeusia) and bad breath (Halitosis). 

If you have Dental Abfraction, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Dental Abfraction is the loss of cervical tooth substance and structure that occur along the gingival margin. It is caused by excess biomechanical loading forces placed on the teeth during biting, eating, chewing and grinding (Bruxism) that result in flexure and failure of enamel and dentin at a location away from the loading. Micro fractures and tooth tissue loss result in the enamel, in particular at the cemento-enamel junction. The break in the prism results in the dentin being exposed. Dental Abfraction results in horrible sensitive teeth.

If you have Dental Erosion after using braces, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Lesions resulting from dental demineralization (dental decalcification) are seen during orthodontic treatment around and beneath the teeth. Dental demineralization causes sensitive teeth.

If you have Periodontitis and receive scaling and root planning (Deep dental cleaning), why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Scaling and root planning is the treatment of choice for periodontitis. This treatment consists of deep gingival cleaning to eliminate the bacterial plaque. Scaling and root planning result in excruciating sensitive teeth.

If you present with dental problems that result from Traumatic brushing, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Incorrect use of the toothbrush can result in harm being done to the soft and hard oral tissue. Manual brushing can cause lesions in the teeth as well as in the gums. The typical lesion that results from Traumatic brushing is the wearing away of the enamel (Dental abrasion). Incorrect use of the toothbrush can displace the gingival margin apically to the cemento-enamel junction (Gingival recession). Sensitive teeth is a frequent problem that results from the loss of enamel or the loss of periodontal tissue.

 If you have cancer and have received Radiation and Chemotherapy, why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Radiation and Chemotherapy result in Xerostomia because Radiation and Chemotherapy destroy the salivary glands. Dryness of mouth (Xerostomia) results in a decrease in the PH of the entire buccal cavity. The acidity in the oral cavity provokes dental hypersensitivity.

You should buy ENAMELIN because ENAMELIN remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity.