What is Dental Hypersensitivity?

The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

Dental sensitivity is a condition that affects a large portion of the population worldwide. It can be defined as an exposure of the deeper layers of the teeth or roots resulting in severe pain.

How to identify it?

We can identify it in a very simple way. We can notice it when we ingest a very hot or cold drink or food, as well as sugars or acids. The pain is temporary and is specifically removed when we stimulus has been withdrawn.

It will be triggered regularly due to the consumption of very acidic foods, diseases where there is a lot of vomiting or due to a dentine exposure, very aggressive brushing that wears the teeth in the long run.

It is always important to go to the dentist so that she/he can help us to correct the dental sensitivity. The dentist can teach the correct hygiene technique.

How can we prevent it?

It will always be essential to have a healthy diet high in healthy and low-acid foods such as chili peppers, vinaigrettes, foods with a low sugar content. It is important to have good hygiene habits including brushing, Flossing and rinsing.

What are the treatment options?

The dentist is the one who can identify which is the most appropriate treatment according to the specific case of each patient. ENAMELIN mouthwash is the best option because it strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity.