Dental pain provoked by thermal changes (beverages cold/hot)

The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

Why should you buy ENAMELIN?

Millions of people suffer from dental hypersensitivity.  Even though it is more common for people to suffer from sensitive teeth between the ages of 20-40, dental hypersensitivity can occur in adolescents and in the elderly. 

 The enamel covers the dentine. If the dentine is exposed, dental hypersensitivity results. Many people suffer from sensitive teeth and do not have gingival recession. Dental hypersensitivity prevents people from enjoying acidic foods, cold and hot drinks.

Some people can experience dental hypersensitivity if their mouth is opened while the wind blows. When the dentinal tubules are exposed, everything that is introduce in the mouth affects the dentine and provokes sensitive teeth.

You should buy ENAMELIN because ENAMELIN remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity. ENAMELIN is the best solution for people who have dental pain provoked by thermal changes (beverages cold/hot. ENAMELIN is the best solution sensitive teeth”.