DENTAL FLUOROSIS, what is it and why does it cause so many problems in the world?

The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

First it is important to explain what fluorosis is. It appears in the stage of growth and development of the teeth giving the teeth an appearance that is not very aesthetic and makes teeth weak. The first clinical signs of fluorosis are white, yellowish or brown spots. It is the result excessive consumption of fluoride which our teeth do not have the capacity to process. This makes them more prone to form decay due to the porosity that it causes.

But not only does excess fluoride affects our teeth, but it is capable of forming alterations in our bones. This could cause various injuries such as fractures or skeletal malformations.

Correlating with caries, dental fluorosis appears at an early age. Ingestion of excess fluoride causes the mouth to be more susceptible to bacteria. Various measures have also been taken to prevent cavities, but despite these the prevalence is still very high.

In Mexico, in very specific areas in various states, Fluorosis occurs due to the drinking water. Commonly the required intake of fluoride is exceeded Mexico. Unfortunately, we can absorb it thanks to different food products. Products such as juices and soft drinks do not indicate on the label the exact amount of fluoride they contain. The products of the food industry are not the only culprits. Bad oral hygiene such as toothpastes, mouthwashes are also contributing factors.

Monitoring by the corresponding authorities is deficient because there is no exact control that improves the conditions of the population.

Caries and the factors that favor it

There is always going to be a greater risk of caries formation if we consume foods with a high sugar content or low nutrient content. If we consume foods of processed origin with a very high caloric level, the risk of decay is greater than if we consume a fruit with a high level of sucrose (sugar) but containing nutrients that favor the tooth. This is in addition to the bad oral hygiene and lack of control of fluoride products that we mentioned.

When the amount of fluoride is exceeded, we must review what the causes are. The most common are the purchase of non-certified oral products and poverty. There are many rural populations where water consumption is direct from reservoirs where fluoride is present in very high quantities.


Supervision and information will always be the most feasible weapon for the solution to oral problems due to fluorosis. The authorities and the citizens must adhere to the norms that the health institutions establish and always take into account different standards in the intake of fluoride, such as the amounts for children that are very different for an adult person.
As dentists, it is also necessary to provide solutions closer to the needs of each patient and individualize it. There are different problems that can lead us to suffer when fluorosis and dental caries is presented, such as dental hypersensitivity. The dentist must also know the solution to this problem. The best solution for dental hypersensitivity is dental remineralizer Enamelin Mouthwash, which remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity. It is necessary to attend at least 2 times a year with our dentist in a preventive manner.