The Best Solution for Sensitive Teeth

This condition affects the outermost layer of our teeth causing weakening of the teeth. In most cases, the teeth are left without an enamel layer. Clinically it is easy to identify and a dentist can help with tools that complete the diagnosis as X-rays. It is identified as pigmented teeth with a yellow and broken appearance. This condition causes dental hypersensitivity due to the wear and absence of the enamel layer, giving it a much smaller size.

 Another fact of great importance is that Amelogenesis Imperfecta may or may not be related to hereditary problems. The characteristics vary such as fragile teeth, as we already mentioned, the teeth have a yellowish or brown appearance, there may also be alterations in the shape of the skull or jaw. The patient may experience social isolation due to the physical aspects affecting daily activities and self-esteem.

Amelogenesis Imperfecta is much more common than previously thought. It is also poorly treated and diagnosed due to the poor culture of visiting the dentist, which makes a possible treatment more complicated, ranging from whitening, abrasions and restorations. Definitive treatment depends on the state of the teeth.

This condition manifests from the earliest age and the pediatric dentist is the first person in charge to identify it. Henceforth, a long-term treatment must be considered in order to offer the patient a feasible solution that is as close as possible to the ideal. As mentioned, it can affect not only aesthetic but also functional problems, bringing with it food and sensitivity problems. However it is important to highlight that there are different solutions for these problems and the ideal referring to dental hypersensitivity is the remineralizer Enamelin mouthwash which remineralizes teeth, strengthens teeth and completely eliminates dental hypersensitivity.